Local base

The key to our international success has been to understand and adapt to each country and region, with its cultural, social and economic peculiarities as well as bringing the extensive experience and know-how of SunPremier in the field of renewable energies.

That is why we have subsidiary offices in each country in which we have business activities, with our own staff, that acquire knowledge to become a professional in the renewable energy field.

Real Estate

The origin of a project is the ground or the rooftop of the building where it will be built. Therefore, in all countries where we are working, we are always looking for individuals and companies with ownership or access to land or buildings that can be used to complete a renewable energy project and whose owners will benefit from interesting land leases or acquisitions, both managed by SunPremier Group.

The key to our international success has been to understand and adapt to each country and region


As each region and country are governed by specific parameters regarding regulatory, environmental, geographic, climatic and social aspects, SunPremier always counts with local specialists who are involved in the project to carry out successfully its complete development.

Consequently, in every geography we partner with lawyers, environmental consultants, land surveyors, geologists and other specialists to carry out the necessary studies and administrative procedures at the early stages of project development.


SunPremier has its own team of engineers specialized in renewable energy, with an extensive background in the design and construction of power plants generating with clean sources.

However, due to the peculiarities of each country, Sunpremier always works with local expert engineers in electrical, civil and mechanical branches that contribute to the project to ensure quality and strict compliance with the applicable technical normative.

Our partners are world class Independent Power Producers (IPP), Investment Funds, Family offices, Utilities and tier one EPC contractors.

Energy Companies

As the energy companies are a fundamental part of the realization of a project, we always maintain excellent relationships with electrical companies and power grid operators, involving them in the project and ensuring that the technical and administrative requirements are met, so that the plants can be connected to the grid and operate with reliability and security.


We work with a large number of Independent Power Generation Companies (IPP), investment funds, developers, EPC companies, vertically integrated module manufacturers, etc.

The ultimate goal is to complete an electricity generation facility, powered by renewable energy that actually generates clean electricity at a competitive energy market price, with which the energy needs of the area can be covered.