At SunPremier we are committed to contribute to develop renewable energies as a clean source for electricity generation. The world is facing a great problem with the increasing greenhouse gas emissions, that contribute to global warming that the planet is experiencing in the last years.

The use of renewable energies contributes to reduce CO2 emissions, by substituting traditional fossil fuels or nuclear power with clean sources like the sur or wind.

Sustainable future

SunPremier wants to make his contribution to sustainable development by promoting renewable energies to meet the increasing energy consumption with clean sources with much less environmental impact than traditional ones.

Our goal and duty is to pursue sustainability to meet the energy demand without compromising the resources and prospects of future generations.

Competitive solar energy

Renewable energy technologies have experienced a great cost reduction in the last years, as all the value chain from raw materials, equipment manufacturers, developers, constructors, investors, finance institutions and end owners have adapted and learned to establish a mature and globally growing industry.
Nowadays, there are many different policies that govern the markets depending on their maturity level.

There are number of growing markets that still support the development of renewable energies by Government programs, such as Feed in Tariffs or tax benefits. There are other more mature markets, where Government allow state bids for renewable energies.

Furthermore, there are markets where the so called Grid Parity has already been reached, which means that electricity generated by renewable energies is already competitive at market price, so that power purchase agreements between operators and customers are already being signed.